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Inspired to bring a fresh and playful perspective to the kink clothing and fetish fashion Holosexual puts the fabulous in fetish attire with holographic leathers and bold, flattering cuts. 

Whether you're a veteran or a newbie to the kink scene, Holosexual holographic leather harnesses and accessories give you the freedom to explore and express your sexuality. Whether you’re looking for that wow factor dominatrix outfit, party outfit, gay kink wear or something to pair with your latex outfit, you’ll love the variety of striking leather fetish clothing, leather body harnesses, thigh garter harnesses, leather lingerie and BDSM toys.

Designed not just for kink and fetish play, the quality body harnesses, leather lingerie and kink accessories transcend the bedroom for wear at music festivals, costume parties and anywhere you want to inject your individuality and sexiness into those vanilla times too. The shiny hologram colours and luxury finishes let you bring your individuality and self-expression to all areas of life. From Torture Garden to Coachella, kink events to fancy dress parties, impact play to daytime accessorising Holosexual’s range invites you to dip your toe or dive right into the lifestyle… there are no rules, just explore you and feel fabulous doing it.