About us

Holosexual was born from a desire to inspire people to explore their sexuality through vibrant personal style and to make that a fun non-consequential experience. To invite outsiders to explore the lifestyle and feel comfortable expressing their sexuality on their terms.

Whether it's Kink 101 you’re at or a veteran of the lifestyle our mission is to flog down barriers and help you celebrate who you are and how you want to express yourself.

We believe the richness of life lies in the joy of expressing your individuality and sexuality in your way, on your terms. With this in mind we create wow factor pieces that transcend occasions so you can inject your true self into all moments of life because life is too short to wait for that special occasion.

With a background in lingerie and compression garment design, our focus is always fit and functionality and our desire to wow means Holosexual pieces do their job and look super fine doing it.

Each Holosexual piece is made from quality unique animal or vegan leather. Hand made to order we pride ourselves to be part of the slow fashion movement and build mutually beneficial relationships with all suppliers and artisans involved.

As the founder of Holosexual, nothing feels better than the excitement of a customer that loves their piece and dons it with pride to get out there and feel that high of uninhibited self expression.


Kendal Moses

Holosexual Designer & Founder